Saw Swee Hock Student Centre

London School of Economics, United Kingdom


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Bite My Tongue // You Me At Six ft. Oli Sykes

Missed listening to You Me At Six. Brings back some amazing memories 

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Lamp designed with a hexagonal wooden shade that extends over its light bulb like a hood »


Rad Company POV - Aggy

Just This 

Never wanted to wipe someone’s grin off there face as much I do now like seriously you made my life hell for 6 months

Money does not but happiness neither does owning excessive things. I can’t wait for the summer just going to pack my rucksack with a tent n my essentials then bike to places and be free!

Tech drawing - drawing bricks oh the fun!

Technical section- layering tracing paper to the max and I’ve got good music to listen too :)

Don’t know why but this song is so motivating must of played it atleast 20 times today, actually been helping me stay motivated whilst doing this History and Theory Essay. 

Anonymous asked: whats up with Wink acting like a little girl and hattin on Marshall for? like grow up.


So hilarious