Feel like a child at Christmas. All giddy inside knowing that I’m going back to University tomorrow. Finally get to see my beautiful girlfriend :) Plus I don’t have to get up at 4:45 every morning for work :) WIN! Really determined to do well at university this year, keep on moving forward with my voluntary work and start the Gym! This years going to be good :)

When someone does something for you, then has the audacity to moan at you that they are doing it. I didn’t ask you to. So if you find it a problem stop. I’ll do it myself.

Sometimes I do wonder.


Saw Swee Hock Student Centre

London School of Economics, United Kingdom


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Bite My Tongue // You Me At Six ft. Oli Sykes

Missed listening to You Me At Six. Brings back some amazing memories 

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Lamp designed with a hexagonal wooden shade that extends over its light bulb like a hood »


Rad Company POV - Aggy

Just This 

Never wanted to wipe someone’s grin off there face as much I do now like seriously you made my life hell for 6 months

Money does not but happiness neither does owning excessive things. I can’t wait for the summer just going to pack my rucksack with a tent n my essentials then bike to places and be free!

Tech drawing - drawing bricks oh the fun!